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Therapist Gabe Gomez



Learn About Therapist, Consultant, and Trainer Gabe Gomez



Gabe served as Behavioral Consultant to the Oregon Child Welfare system, as Program Director for a psychiatric child day treatment program, and as a national consultant with the Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group.


Over the last 20 years, Gabe have taken a special interest in the growing body of research about brain development, trauma and the impact of that trauma on children, the people who care for them, and the adults who have grown up with trauma. This information has shaped his direct clinical practice. Gabe offers the following support to families:


  • The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach
  • Supporting family members with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities
  • Strength-based, needs-driven treatment planning for family team meetings
  • Behavior management with heart: Balancing Nurture and Structure
  • Training for therapists to support family interventions
  • Work with the whole family, including parent-child interaction based on the Circle of Security and Dan Seigal's work
  • Understanding the unique needs adoptive children
  • Parent-infant bonding

Drawing on his extensive clinical experience as well as the emerging research in neurobiology and attachment studies, Gabe has trained and coached parents, teachers, and child welfare professionals to utilize this information in addressing the critical behavioral and emotional challenges their children face while maintaining the nurturing relationships at the heart of strong, healthy families.