Dr. Tim Richardson


Relationship counseling

Dr. Tim Richardson

Insurances Accepted:

BlueShield (Regence), First Choice Health, Kaiser HMO, Kaiser PPO, Lifewise, Premera, Regence


Private Pay: Psychiatric Intake $300
Private Pay: Psychiatric Follow-Up $200

Office Location:

Main Office
2719 E Madison
Seattle, WA 98112

Dr. Tim Richardson


Tim's clients describe him as a competent practicioner and listener.

Tim's approach is evidence-based, supportive, and safe.

I provide Supportive Psychotherapy or talk therapy, a comprehensive treatment for many mental health issues. It offers the benefits of improved interpersonal relationships, stress reduction, and a deeper insight into one’s own life, values, goals, and development. At your initial visit, I will thoroughly review your current issues and personal story, including your medical history. By the end of the initial visit, I will offer my preliminary impressions and discuss treatment recommendations. If ongoing psychotherapy is indicated, I will refer you to a therapist. Often a combination of psychotherapy and medication management is indicated, and I will coordinate ongoing care of both medication and psychotherapy as indicated. The initial visit is also your opportunity to determine if I am the right psychiatric provider for you.

Medication treatments may be recommended when mental illness impedes your ability to work, maintain interpersonal relationships, or adequately care for your basic needs. If it is agreed that medications are indicated, I will discuss evidence-based treatment options recommended, given your current symptoms. I will ensure you have all the necessary information to decide if the medication is consistent with your treatment goals. You may already receive psychotherapy from another therapist and are referred to me for medication management. With your consent, I will make a solid effort to coordinate care with your therapist. Medication therapies require adherence to dosage, and frequency, close follow-up, and sometimes-regular blood tests. Your commitment to medication treatment will be considered when starting medication therapy.

I will work collaboratively with my patients and their support system to provide evidence-based treatments through safe medication management and supportive therapy. In addition to these treatment modalities, my emotional support dog, Remi, can be requested to provide additional support for in-person office visits.


BS, Trinity West University, Human Kinetics
BA, Northwest University, Nursing
MN, University of Washington, Nursing
DNP, Rush University, Nursing


ANCC Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, ARNP
ANCC Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner – Board Certified, PMHNP-BC