Dea Luvon


Dea Luvon

Insurances Accepted:

BlueCross (Premera), Premera, Lifewise


Private Pay: Individual $160
Private Pay: Couples/Families $160

Office Location:

Main Office
2719 E Madison Street
Seattle, WA 98112

Dea Luvon


Dea's clients describe as empathetic, insightful, warm and grounded.

Dea's approach to therapy is engaging, somatically attuned and empowering.

In my work with clients, I hold space of mutuality and acceptance. As we process together, I bring to our sessions a practice of presence that enables me to both hear and witness what the clients are experiencing. As we work together, I look for patterns that clients seem to return to, shed light on them, and work to support my clients in discovering what release or transformation can arise as a result.

I believe the body can hold experiences as well as strong emotional and physical reactions and responses to those experiences, especially those of trauma. This is why I incorporate the body in the therapeutic process. The body can be a window into understanding better what the client is experiencing, as well as a tool in shifting patterns that hinder a client from living their fullest life. The approach I bring to clients is one of empowerment, where I may suggest techniques that use movement or mindfulness while ensuring my clients are in control of their therapeutic experience and can always say yes or no to suggestions.

In addition to somatic work, I also have a passion for working with teens and/or their parents. I love helping families grow stronger and more connected as they learn how to understand and connect with one another.


BA in Contemporary Dance, Bard College
Master of Social Work, University of Central Florida


Core Energetics, Seattle School of Body Psychotherapy
Motivational Interviewing
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Realization Process