Families (participants 18+)

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Dea Luvon

In my work with clients, I hold space of mutuality and acceptance. As we process together, I bring to our sessions a practice of presence…
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Alison Mim Mack

I am a systemic and attachment-based therapist that works with individuals, couples, families, and other multisystem clients. My passion lies in working with those with…
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Meaghan O’Neil

I seek to help all clients get to know themselves better. My style of therapy is friendly, non-judgemental, and sprinkled with humor. I aim to…
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Cassandra Tondreau

We all have stories full of complexity and emotion, and we all need collaborators in healing at one point or another. As I learn about…
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Amiee Burtoft

My style as a therapist is warm and interactive. I’m a thoughtful observer as well as an active voice in our discussions. I use an…
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Gabe Gomez

I have served for over 40 years as a therapist and consultant to children, adults, families, and organizations. My interest in and understanding of healthy…
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Jennifer Olson

I am passionate about working with couples and also treat individual adults, families, and teens. My approach to therapy is warm, open, nonjudgemental, and compassionate.…
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Amanda Rutledge

I support young adults, teens, kids, couples, and families who are experiencing relational distress. I help guide clients to examine your unique responses to relational…
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Amy Schottenstein

Words like “growth” and “development” align with my underlying beliefs about what is beneficial to clients, rather than words like “change” and “improvement.” While there…