Relationship Counseling at the Seattle Relationship Clinic


All people in relationships deal with the same fundamental human dilemma; how to stay connected to another human and maintain a separate self. These two opposing needs, the need for connection and the need for autonomy form much of rhythmic tides that all couples must navigate. Navigating these differences in a way that both promotes the relationship and balances the needs of each individual in the relationship requires a skill set, a practice, and a philosophy, all of which are learnable, but not hardwired in at birth.


All of our counselors have advanced training in couples therapy,  and can help you to develop or fine tune your relationship skill set. This includes  communication tools, emotional regulation tools, behavioral tools, and a philosophical perspective that allows for two separate people to thrive in a collaborative relationship.


Please feel free to contact us so that we can support you and your relationship.                                   


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Our Couples Therapists  


Seattle Therapist Amiee Burtoff Seattle Therapist Amy Cromer
Aimee Burtoff Barbara Gorham C. John Hall Amy Cromer
Seattle Therapist Larry Richards Brittany Sarah
Larry Richards Brittany Bacon Kelsey Wallach Molly Palmer
Kirk Webb Hillary Locke Joe Nelson Sarah Dyrhaug
Brien Wood Evonne Noble    
  • Level 1 Gottman Relationship Therapy Training: Joseph Nelson, Kelsey Wallach                                                         
  • Level 1 and 2 Gottman Relationship Therapy Training: Andrew Groeschel, Jonathan Ehlinger, and Brien Wood
  • Level 1, 2, and 3 Gottman Relationship Therapy Training: Evonne Noble
Evonne Noble's profile on the Gottman Referral Network