Child, Teen & Family Therapy




I am passionate about working with children, teens, and families who are experiencing relational distress. In my therapeutic approach, I prioritize a collaborative and accepting environment. In addition to verbal exploration, I encourage clients to play, craft, move, and interact in a variety of ways. I believe while processing the hard stuff, new and safe experiences can provide profound transformation in emotional and physical wellness. I deeply respect the lived-experiences, value systems, and knowledge my clients bring with them to session. I believe people are the experts of their own lives and it is my job to support them in a way that honors their knowledge, values, and overall goals.


To put it mildly, parenting is hard. Being a kid is no cake walk either. Everybody is doing the best they can with the tools and information they have available. Ultimately, I believe we all want to feel validated and supported in our pain, joy, and everything in between. When we experience a sense of unconditional attunement, safety, and belonging, we are able to explore the edges of our humanity without fear. It is my goal to support families in exploration of their edges in an emotionally safe environment. I help parents deepen their attunement to their children's needs. I help kids and teens better understand and communicate their needs and emotional experiences. Together we can all explore new tools, skills, and philosophies to help you move forward, heal, and hopefully thrive.





I help familes with:

•  Anxiety & Depression

•  Parenting

•  Trauma, Grief and Loss

•  The Collaborative Problem-Solving Approach

•  Interpersonal neurobiology: Our Brains in Relationship

•  Behavior management with heart: Balancing Nurture and Structure

•  Helping children with cognitive, emotional, or behavioral challenges

•  Strength-based, needs-driven support for families dealing with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities



In my work with children and their biological, foster, and adoptive families, relationship is central.

We are biologically disposed to connect with one another, but children’s behavior can be confusing, annoying, and frustrating, obscuring that crucial fact. I have come to believe that children, however distressed and distressing they are, are doing the best they can with the tools they’ve got at the moment. It’s our job as parents, caregivers and teachers to figure out what other tools are needed, and provide them. Fortunately, I also believe that parents are doing the best they can with the tools they've got at the moment- there is hope, and help! 



I help families to better understand the needs of their children, respecting the unique character of each family member and the circumstances within which problems arise. I can help parents provide the critical balance of nurture and structure to raise successful, confident, caring children, whether the challenges include attachment, anxiety, developmental disorders, or behavioral issues.  If you are facing confusion about how to help your children and deepen your relationships at the same time, I can help.





My philosophy about therapy has three basic tenets. First, I want clients to feel accepted, welcome, and heard. Second, I work to help clients improve their own sense of self-worth. Third, I want to help them find their own power and agency to change the parts of their world that they can, while also working to let go of the places that are out of their control.

I like to think of therapy as a practice space for life, so many of the dynamics that cause distress outside the therapy room can be addressed in the therapy room. We can work on new ways to exist in the world, experiment with new perspectives and processes in your life, and continuously readjust our techniques until it fits for you. 


My areas of focus include:

  • Anxiety
  • Grief and loss
  • Life transitions
  • Existential questions
  • Depression 
  • Trauma

I earned my MA in Psychology from Seattle University and a BA in Holistic Psychology from Lesley University.